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Sappy Proposal Poem
I love you more than any online game or even the internet.
I love you more than any anime or MMO Character set.
I'm sorry I don't have a ring to give, but here I am on my knee,
asking you to spend your life with me.
Instead of a ring I give you my heart my soul my being,
I give you my everything.
I can't promise a life of luxury
but I can promise to treat you like royalty.
So please say you will spend the rest of your life with me.
Danny, Will you marry me?
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 0 0
You Make Me Crazy
It feels like I'm overreacting.
Everything you do is attracting
to me.
Your words are impacting
everything I feel.
You face, your beauty plain distracting.
I get overly upset, happy, worried, and laugh with out reason.
Its like its four seasons
all at once.
there's Emotional treason
going on inside me.
So many feelings but seemingly lacking any reason.
If only I could make my self less confusing.
Its like my mind is refusing
to work.
I've never been so afraid of losing
anything as I am you.
This is all so bemusing.
your omnipotence over my emotion is insane.
Its hard to explain
how easily you sway my mood.
I wish I could ascertain
how this is possible.
Its like I'm walking on constantly changing terrain.
I think I might be insane, I'm not sure.
I'm insecure
with no real reason to be.
If only I could obscure
these apprehensions.
Your attention is the closest thing to a cure.
Simply put.
I'm in-love with you.
And you make me crazy.
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 0 4
Untitled Final Draft
If only I was able to find the words somehow
To explain the many feelings inside of me right now
Positive mostly but negative ones too.
Its like I'm happily scared to fall in-love with you.
Heart is floating on cloud nine,
But my head's saying "Slow down! wait for a sign!".
I'm torn in half about what to do.
Do I dive head-first and leave it up to you?
Should I wait to think things through
Or should I give my heart to you?
Before I do, You should know; I'm really insecure,
I can be annoying at times and pretty immature.
I think too much, try too hard,
I'm awkward and a social retard.
I'm pretty messy and messed-up as well.
I have a one track mind, can be obsessive
and tend to dwell.
My heart has some cracks, a few holes and is a little bruised.
and I'll probably always be afraid of being refused.
Despite all my faults I hope you see the rest of me.
I wonder what our relationship could be.
Maybe we will have a long life together...
Growing old and cuddling in cold weather.
Enjoying the
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 2 0
The Last I Saw Her-Final
I'm the hateful son from the past
Wondering if his mother's love could last
Through the amount of tears I've made her shed
Through the amount of hateful words I've said.
I am the child that caused her tears
Asking forgiveness after all these years
I am the child that broke her heart
I ripped it and tore it all apart.
I didn't know until too late.
I didn't know of the terminal fate.
I couldn't see her hidden tears.
I didn't know her hidden fears.
There was no time to say goodbye.
Because the last I saw her--
The last I saw her i made her cry.
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 0 1
Breaking Composure
Here I stand  hardly standing all.
On my face a smile,  yet tears still fall
Crying as I fall,
Smile fading as I lose it all
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 1 1
I'm a loser
I don't know where to begin or how this is going to end...
But everything is crumbling and I'm dieing within.
A nasty realization is ripping right through me.
A sudden revelation is now clear to see.
We have drifted and I know I'm the one to blame.
I haven't been there-- I feel the full force of shame.
I wonder if its too late to repair the wrong...
Is it too late to place things back where they belong?
My mind is clouded, My hands are shaking,
My voice is cracking, My heart is breaking.
My vision blurred, My tears are falling,
My faith is gone, The dark is calling.
I'm suspost to be the rock, To help you when you fall.
I'm suspost to have the anwsers, I don't have any at all.
I know I'm the loser that you never wanted to meet.
I'd take another step but there's no earth beneath my feet.
Is there anyone to anwser; Where do I go from here?
How am I to function, I have a missing gear...
I'm not sure, I think I'm lost, I don't know what to do.
What am I suspost to do to keep from losing yo
:iconoriel-danger:Oriel-Danger 2 6
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Michael Retzlaff
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Chattanooga, TN
Favorite genre of music: Rock
Shell of choice: Turtle!
Skin of choice: Leather
Favorite cartoon character: Scooby effin Doo
Personal Quote: "Hardship is needed to learn lessons. Use those lessons to move on"


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